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We pride ourselves in delivering turnkey solutions to many industries.

Project Development

We prefer to be involved with the project as early as possible so we can enrich your solution with our years of experience in many industries.

MCA will be consulting and supporting you in all stages of development; from the project analysis, specification and development, to its maintenance.

MCA works concentrated and focused to achieve the agreed goals on time and price. A pleasure!

Mia Jappe, Waoo!

Product Development

With fierce competition, your product needs to move at an incredible speed to remain relevant. Under such conditions the product needs to be developed efficiently and with as little friction as possible.

This is where MCA shines, by providing dedicated developers that will move at the breakneck speeds you want to go. Agile development is something that we’re comfortable with and have been delivering for years.

The guys are always flexible and quick to respond. It's a pleasure working with MCA.

Nicolai Kollner, Debitoor

Mobile Development

Target a larger user base by delivering your solution to multiple platforms. Depending on the project or the budget, you may go for Responsive or Native solution. We’ll assist you in making the right decision either way.

At MCA, we have teams for the most popular mobile platforms. We pride ourselves that our apps are constantly ranked 4.5+ on all major AppStores.

MCA went above and beyond the specification, creating an impressive app from our sketches.

Martin Lysholt Nielsen, e-conomic

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